Your AI-powered research assistant

Invite Diffeo's collaborative agents into your team to discover connections to people, companies, and insights that change your course of action.

Darn TPS reports
Give me back my stapler.
Darn TPS reports
Darn TPS reports
Darn TPS reports
Darn TPS reports
Darn TPS reports

Understands your context

With every line you read and write, Diffeo learns what matters to your research. Behind the scenes, it uses that context to build a dynamic graph of relevant people, organizations, places, and events.

Explores content for you

Diffeo actively explores the web and your internal data using automatically formulated queries in 18+ languages.

Presents insights in real time

Diffeo discovers critical entity connections and displays recommendations alongside your work. Every insight is backed up by contextual evidence.

Your knowledge graph

Every edge on the Knowledge Board is backed up by websites, documents, and emails that Diffeo has discovered across the web, your internal search portals, email, and shared drives.

Seamlessly integrated into your workflow

Diffeo connects with your favorite authoring tools and browsers so that you don't have to change your existing workflows.

...and more on the way!

Find out how much you don't know with Diffeo.