About Us

Diffeo grew out of the Text Retrieval Conference Knowledge Base Acceleration project (TREC KBA), which Diffeo organized for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and DARPA Memex. TREC KBA evaluated algorithms for helping people discover new knowledge to add to a knowledge base like Wikipedia.

Diffeo Engine

The hierarchical tree graph structure illustrates how Diffeo's cross-document cross-lingual interactive entity disambiguation algorithms help users discover new knowledge.

Cloud Search

Cloud Search began with a Desktop that looked like this. Jason was helping his mom track down some of her files (and failing). She had 356 files on her Desktop alone, and was constantly creating and receiving more. We built a search tool to solve her problem.

Our Partners

Diffeo cultivates partnerships with technology and providers. Diffeo's platform includes Basis Technology's Rosette Linguistics for named entity recognition in seventeen languages. Diffeo's Advanced Discovery Toolbox includes news publications in many languages for Lexis Nexis' Moreover service


John Frank
  • John Frank
  • CEO and Co-Founder
  • John's previous startup, MetaCarta, pioneered map-based entity search and was acquired by Nokia in 2010, where he served as Chief Architect for Search until 2012. John has a B.S. from Yale, loves solar cars, and is a Hertz Fellow at MIT in soft condensed matter physics.
Geoffrey Milstein
  • Geoffrey Milstein
  • VP Federal Programs
  • Geof has led teams supporting the Federal Community for 38 years with such companies as Unisys, Data General/EMC, Veritas/Symantec. He joined John at MetaCarta in 2008 and then Qbase when they acquired MetaCarta's federal group. Geof spent his military career with the 82d Airborne and the 3d Infantry Divisions.
Jason Briggs
  • Jason Briggs
  • VP Operations & Business Development
  • Jason started Cloud Search after watching his Mom try, and fail, to find files on her computer. He studied Computer Science and Military History at Williams College.
Aaron Taylor
  • Aaron Taylor
  • Director of Cloud Services
  • Aaron built the Cloud Search stack from scratch. He is now responsible for architecting Diffeo's cloud services and keeping them running for our users.
Max Kleiman-Weiner
  • Max Kleiman-Weiner
  • Co-Founder
  • Max is a Hertz Fellow at MIT in computational cognitive science and machine learning. He has worked as an associate at McKinsey & Company and as a Fulbright Scholar in Beijing. Max has a BS from Stanford where he was a Goldwater Scholar and was a Marshall Scholar at Oxford in Applied Statistics.
Dan Roberts
  • Dan Roberts
  • Co-Founder
  • Dan is a Hertz Fellow at MIT in theoretical physics. Dan has BSE from Duke where he was a Goldwater Scholar. At Duke, Dan conducted research in which he helped create unconventional electromagnetic devices (invisibility cloaks). Dan was a Marshall Scholar, earning Master's degrees at both Cambridge (Maths) and Oxford (CS).
Emily Pavlini
  • Emily Pavlini
  • Product Manager
  • Emily is responsible for customer happiness. She has had thousands of conversations with Cloud Search users and is always pushing to improve their experiences. She graduated from Williams College with a degree in Economics and History.
David Maze
  • David Maze
  • Senior Systems Engineer
  • David received his B.S. and M.Eng. degrees from MIT, specializing in compiler technology, and continued as a researcher developing the StreamIt data-flow language. He has worked on custom XML-processing hardware and distributed data stores. David's recreational programming language of choice is Haskell.
Keith Gabryelski
  • Keith Gabryelski
  • Director of Client Applications
  • Keith has over 20 years of startup and enterprise software experience. He holds eight software patents and enjoys working on large-scale, highly available systems.
Andrew Gallant
  • Andrew Gallant
  • Senior Systems Engineer
  • Andrew received his B.S. in CS and Math from Worcester State and MS in CS from Tufts University, specializing in computational biology. His published research includes compressive genomics, remote homology detection and functional programming. Andrew spends much of his free time contributing to open source projects like the Rust programming language.
Tom Dubois
  • Tom Dubois
  • Senior Systems Engineer
  • Tom received his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland where he developed and analyzed graph algorithms for improving the containment of epidemics. Since then he has worked on designing and applying statistical graph algorithms for cloud and other non-traditional computation environments, as well as building full-stack web applications.
Henry Wallace
  • Henry Wallace
  • Software Engineer
  • Henry received his Sc.B. in Computer Science and Mathematics from Brown University specializing in Natural Language Processing. As an undergraduate, Henry researched methods for clustering folksonomic tags from online collaborative systems, and analyzed poetic features from historical Arabic texts.
Andrew Haskell
  • Andrew Haskell
  • Software Engineer
  • Andy works on Diffeo's core systems. Previously he built computational biology software at MIT. He graduated from Tufts University with a degree in Computer Science and Biology.
Josh Belanich
  • Josh Belanich
  • Software Engineer
  • Josh received his B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics from Stony Brook University, specializing in machine learning. As an undergraduate, Josh conducted research on theoretical guarantees for the popular AdaBoost algorithm, and spent a summer in the Tekkotsu lab at Carnegie Mellon getting robots to navigate using optical flow.
Kevin Doyle
  • Kevin Doyle
  • Software Engineer
  • Kevin focuses on natural language processing. He graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Computer Science and was a member of the triathlon team.
Eugene Kuznetsov
  • Eugene Kuznetsov
  • Board of Advisors
  • Eugene received his B.S. and M.Eng. degrees from MIT, founded several companies, including DataPower (acquired by IBM), and works with a wide range of technology startups.
David Weinberger
  • David Weinberger
  • Board of Advisors
  • David, Ph.D. in Philosophy from U. Toronto, explores the Internet's effect on our ideas and business, in books including The Cluetrain Manifesto (co-author), Small Pieces Loosely Joined, articles for HBR, Wired, Scientific American, and talks around the world. He has been a marketing VP and consultant, a Franklin Fellow at the US State Dept, and a senior researcher at Harvard's Berkman Center.

Research Interns

  • Jay Baxter
  • Eric Shyu
  • Andrew Smith
  • Nilesh Tripuraneni

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