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Information Retrieval & Machine Learning

You have experience with search algorithms, natural language modeling, and massive text mining. You can dive into elaborate datasets and architect the algorithms behind modern search. You are excited to use your mathematical and algorithmic background to help us improve information retrieval.

Diffeo consists of a fast, responsive web interface, plugins to popular applications like Microsoft Office, and lightweight local client applications. We use natural language processing and probabilistic classifiers to automatically recommend content and insights to users based on the context of their current workflow and in- progress documents.

Join our core team in developing recommender models within our distributed computing frameworks. To push the state-of-the-art in massive text mining & machine learning, we favor a pragmatic balance between mathematical principles and heuristic insights. Our user-centric approach is driven by information retrieval metrics that our team helped NIST develop at TREC. See http://trec-kba.org.

  • Practical experience using machine learning techniques to improve search capabilities
  • Articulate thinker motivated by large-scale text mining
  • Ability to produce product level code in Python or Golang
  • Strong search, text-mining, and recommendation system expertise
  • A BA/BS degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or Engineering, or relevant work experience

To apply, send us an email at jobs@diffeo.com or submit an application through AngelList. Please include your resume.