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Site Reliability Engineer

Join Diffeo’s platform team and use your engineering know-how.

Diffeo is a Cambridge-based startup developing artificial agents that collaborate with you. The platform engages all aspects of your digital life, so our machine learning algorithms can see what you are studying. Diffeo’s first application is an AI-powered research assistant that collaborates with you in familiar tools such as Chrome and Microsoft Outlook. Diffeo uncovers new connections from disparate sources, including the Internet and private data stores. The Diffeo agent is augmenting decision makers in operational elements and analyst teams of businesses and the most critical government institutions across the world.

Unlike traditional BI tools or search engines, the Diffeo platform uses intelligent sensors to see across your desktop, cloud services and tools. With this full view of you and your team’s digital life, Diffeo’s agents act like teammates that infer your goals and current state of knowledge. We’ve also just released a new interactive knowledge graph that allows the AI to explain its recommendations. It enables you to directly express goals.

As a Site Reliability Engineer, you will invent the data pipelines and engines that power our platform.


  • Are you an expert in Linux tradecraft?

  • Do you love to flow big data for a purpose?

  • What’s your favorite debugging war story? Seen any good heisenbugs?

  • Write code in Golang, Python, Bash, and more.

  • Accelerate key systems using new technologies, like Rust.

  • Craft helm charts in kubernetes on GCP and for custom deployments.

  • Also use AWS and Azure for certain tasks.

  • Build data integrations with advanced security protocols.

  • Work closely with our teams building user experiences and collaborative machine learning algorithms.


We have a passion for helping people digest complex information. In 2012, we started Diffeo as a computer science research project focused on entity disambiguation and Wikipedia. We helped NIST run the Knowledge Base Acceleration evaluation from 2012-2014.

Our research on active learning and improved the scalability of clustering algorithms for entity understanding. When we first tried to deploy these algorithms with real users, we found that analysts want novel information to fill gaps in their understanding. Insteaad of finding more information about a person, company or other entity, people want to learn new things –– information you didn’t even know how to ask for yet.

People naturally seek decision boundaries––the edge of our knowledge. Diffeo helps you find it, and leap past it to uncover connections and see the big picture.

Our research has expanded to agent-based modeling of cognitive states. By inferring your beliefs, goals, and intents, Diffeo can literally join the team as a data junky and collective memory aid.


Our mission is to help everyone digest and organize knowledge. We believe that style matters in everything we do, and that people and customers come first.

To apply, send us an email at jobs@diffeo.com or submit an application through AngelList. Please include your resume.