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User Experience Engineer

You create simple and powerful user experiences. You translate visual designs into fully working web pages, and edit the HTML, CSS, and Javascript for existing page templates. You build and work with high-performance, reusable code for UI components and your work is always modular and scaleable.

Diffeo consists of a fast, responsive web interface, plugins to popular applications like Microsoft Office, and lightweight local client applications. We use natural language processing and probabilistic classifiers to automatically recommend content and insights to users based on the context of their current workflow and in- progress documents.

Speed is critical, Diffeo must feel as though it is an extension of your operating system. Our user-centric approach is driven by information retrieval metrics that our team helped NIST develop at TREC. See http://trec-kba.org

  • Familiarity with modern Javascript frameworks such as React and AngularJS
  • Style-aware engineer who understands the browser
  • Excellent communication and discussion skills
  • Flexibility, adapting to changing priorities and learning new languages as necessary

To apply, send us an email at jobs@diffeo.com or submit an application through AngelList. Please include your resume.