Supercharge your online research

Advanced Discovery Toolbox accelerates your research by finding insights before you even realize what you are missing.

Darn TPS reports
Give me back my stapler.
Darn TPS reports
Darn TPS reports
Darn TPS reports
Darn TPS reports
Darn TPS reports

Collaborative machine intelligence

With every line you write, Diffeo learns what matters to your research. Behind the scenes, it uses that context to build a dynamic graph of relevant people, organizations, places, and events.

Instant recommendations

When you update your working notes, Diffeo shows you new critical connections that you didn't even know you were looking for.

Focus on what matters

When you open recommendations, Diffeo saves you time by highlighting the information missing from your notes.

Mine your Deep Web

Diffeo digs deeper than Google to find content in all corners of the web, as well as within your private data with Diffeo Enterprise.

Seamlessly integrated into your workflow

Diffeo connects with your favorite authoring tools and browsers so that you don't have to change your existing workflows.

...and more on the way!

Find out how much you don't know with Diffeo.