The security of our users is very important to us at Diffeo. Every choice we make and feature we add is examined with security in mind.

Web Security Standards

We use HTTPS with the strictest security settings to ensure that users are always communicating securely with our servers. We also use a number of web security features to ensure that users can only communicate with us over encrypted connections.


As our technology needs evolve and as we grow as a company, the technologies and platforms that we use may change. For more detailed information, please consult our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Ongoing Security Efforts

We constantly audit our application for security vulnerabilities.

If you are a security researcher and have an issue to report, please responsibly disclose it to us. You can send us an email at We also have a bug bounty program set up at that is currently in invitation-only mode. We plan to launch it publicly in the near future. If you would like to take part in that program now, just send us an email.