Open Source Intelligence with Diffeo

Diffeo’s novel user experience accelerates discovery by tracking what an analyst has already found and surfacing new, surprising, pertinent information–from the Web and private content–all within everyday tools like OneNote and Outlook.

This new approach to discovery won the NGA’s Disparate Data Challenge!

Meta Cloud

The Diffeo For Windows (DFW) application installs on your Windows desktop and connects to your Microsoft Office tools and displays recommendations from your Diffeo Engine. By analyzing your evolving working notes, the Diffeo Engine functions as a research assistant:

  • Gap Analysis: Automatically understand the target of your research and its many names, so it can recommend content that fills in gaps. A unique form of data de-biasing.

  • Just-in-time Indexing (JITI): Automatically assemble a diverse array of queries to public and private search engines, hunting for corroborating evidence and key information in other languages. Get all the data.

  • Multi-hop Chaining: Automatically organize the data into entities and concepts that relate to your current notes through multiple step connections. For example, a study on seafloor geology in the Arctic might lead to understanding the posture of military forces.