Supply Chain Risk Management with Diffeo

Law Enforcement and Supply Chain Investigators start with a person of interest, such as an arms trafficker, and let Diffeo instantly suggest documents that identify their multiple front companies and suppliers.

This new approach to discovery won the NGA’s Disparate Data Challenge!

Searching for names is noisy and frustrating. Diffeo’s patent-pending, machine-in-the-loop user experiences enable users to focus on sense making and uncovering the whole story, while the machine automatically traverses the massive knowledge graph in search of unknown unknowns.

Diffeo can accelerate the gathering and structuring of knowledge on any topic. Our algorithms are particularly effective on entities. Entities are those special topics that have strongly typed attributes, like a person’s name, home address, parents, profession, or an organization’s office locations and product names. By focusing on entities, instead of more general and vague topics, Diffeo’s algorithms leverage more powerful machine learning techniques and allow users to easily specify more precise queries.